Wie nenne ich ein Joint-Venture?

Development of Corporate Brands

Brandpeak develops Corporate Brands for different needs.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In case of mergers or acquisitions a question could arise: Should the old corpoate brand be kept, should it be a new one or does it make sense to find a way in the middle?

In most cases this question occurs when all legal and economic activity has been done and there are some journalists waiting for the press conference. (No, it’s not true regarding responsible companies; you are right.)

Sometimes dual names are preferred: In case of joint ventures Companyname1 + Companyname2 = corporate brand of the joint venture.

If former names aren’t too long this strategy may work. If there are several names in the company’s name it’s getting difficult.

For example: Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer is a lawfirm. Their own name seems to be too long for the company leaders. So they decided to brand their website with freshfields.
Well done, one could say. But does it make sense to operate with different names in the analogue and the digital world? It seems as if the decisionmakers wanted to avoid the decision.

Brand Architecture

The dominant point of corporate branding is the brand architecure, an important strategic asset, which should guide the briefing for brand naming.

Is there a need for an independent company which could act as an aggressive newcomer on (new) markets? Should the company combine the strength of a traditional brand with a fresh new one? Should a new name on the market be backed by an established company.

All these strategic questions should be answered before the creative process of naming and branding is started. (Luenstroth Brand Consultancy is prepared to support companies during this strategic process.)