Sortimentsnamen und Technologiemarken


Technology- (or USP-) marks have a mutiple functionality: They could focus certain product benefits and strengthen the innovative character of an umbrella brand at the same time.

An example within the automotive area: At the beginning of the 21st century first cornering lights and bend beaming headlamps found their way in premium cars. The Brandpeak client Hella developed a series of additional headlamps with this functionality.

Brandpeak did not only develop the product naming and marking but also a technology brand which stands for the intelligent technology of these products: Intellibeam.


This label could not only be used for the first bend beaming product but also for the following series of intelligent headlamps. The brand increased sales and prize of the headlamps and showed the innovative character of Hella at the same time.

USP-marks are not limited to technology but are working well especially in these areas. „Megaperls“ has a similar functionality. The mark has been used for the premium brand Persil at first; in the meanwhile also the budget product line Spee is wearing this technology mark.