Digital branding can do everything that branding does in the analogue world.
In addition, it convinces customers, business partners, Google, Bing, Amazon and Co. that the digital brand is important, good, strong and relevant.

In a world that no longer distinguishes analogue events from digital streams, digital branding is an indispensable part of brand management.

The challenge of rapid response

In addition to the conventional framework conditions of branding such as consistency, long-term perspective and constantly updated relevance, however, the high reaction speed of the markets and the behavior of the target groups themselves is a particular challenge for digital branding.

While the medium- and long-term objective of brand charging remains constant, the respective adaptation to current “digital” changes must take place much faster.

Therefore, digital branding is not only about positioning the logo as stably as possible and consistently across all channels for the sake of recognizability (this can even be problematic in individual cases if the brand values promise quick adjustments, as in the case of Google, for example).

In addition, digital branding also has strong content aspects: It must ensure that the brand story and brand values are communicated in a recognizable and self-similar way across all interactive channels and touchpoints.

Common thread against segmentation

In view of the diversity of digital channels and the resulting touchpoints, an overarching communication and brand strategy is becoming increasingly important. 

The brand essence and the associated brand messages could be diluted and the brand power may erode due to the lack of a common thread.

Connection to the offline world

Digital branding is not a detached discipline. It is a fundamental component of an overarching overall strategy. For example, digital branding has a positive impact on the brand experience as part of the overall brand performance at the latest when optimizing customer dialogue in the after-sales phase, expanding the POS service with digital support such as tablets or – in the B2B sector – in the case of internet-based maintenance services.

And of course, even in digital channels – and especially there due to the easy price comparability – the strong brand for interchangeable products is the decisive argument for higher, enforceable pricing.

intelligente Websites
Digital worlds competently networked.

The net is more than a playing field.

Brand focus

Without brand power, the only thing that counts is the price.

Quality orientation

Quality prevails. Especially in the digital world.


Not only in the BtoC, but also in the BtoB, relevant innovations are decisive for the market.

Digital First

The analogue and digital worlds are inseparable. Digital communication is taking the lead.


In times of permanent transformation, it is necessary to act quickly. Especially when plans fall through.


Decades of experience do not bring absolute security. But protects against negligence.

Industry focus

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